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Blazes launches ‘game changing’ filter for deluge nozzles

Blazes launches ‘game changing’ filter for deluge nozzles

Blaze Manufacturing Solutions has launched Filter-Flo, an attachment for deluge nozzles to filter debris and improving safety and efficiency of deluge systems.   

Deluge systems provide protection against fires for assets such as oil rig platforms. They are composed of open sprinklers attached to a piping system that is connected to a water supply through a heat responsive valve. When this valve opens, water is discharged into the piping system and through the open sprinklers. Deluge sprinkler nozzles often get blocked with debris from corrosion and marine life in the pipework which can cause the system to fail under testing or in a fire situation.

Filter-Flo attaches to the deluge nozzle, filtering debris out of the firewater before it passes through, using a unique honeycomb pattern which efficiently uses the surface area. The corrosion-resistant, elongated design of Filter-Flo means that the filter can sit above the debris, allowing water to pass down to the nozzle more effectively.

Blaze Manufacturing Solutions Managing Director Howard Johnson said, “Filter-Flo is a game-changer in improving the effectiveness of deluge systems. We are so confident that Filter-Flo will improve safety and efficiency, we will supply the attachments free of charge – all the client will pay for is fitting as part of a deluge maintenance plan.

“Now more than ever, operators need to be looking for ways to be cost-effective while maintaining the safety of personnel and plant. We believe that Filter-Flo, along with our specialist deluge maintenance solution, will do just that.”