Offshore and Onshore cost-effective turnkey design and consultancy services

We are uniquely positioned in being able to provide a full consultancy service from conceptual studies to FEED pre-engineering and detailed design. Our design and engineering expertise extends from full system design supported by hydraulic calculations, to 3D walkthrough models enabling the client to visualise the proposed scheme.

We can provide cost effective solutions working either remotely from our head office or in the client’s office as an integral part of the client team. We are able to work on the basis of fixed price contracts over a timescale which suits the programme ensuring man-hours are kept to a minimum.

We can design a solution for every type of fire risk

The full fire protection infrastructure from fire pumps, firemains, downstream, helideck, DIFFS, sprinkler, watermist, gas suppression, hydrants, miscellaneous fire and safety equipment is covered by our design and engineering competence. Throughout the consultancy process we will always keep the client informed of improvement opportunities, identifying deficiencies and risk to ensure the clients system availability and reliability are optimised. Our multi-disciplined design and engineering team can develop and carry out maintenance and re-fit studies.

Why choose Blaze

  • Cost effective design and consultancy cervices covering all aspects of fire protection
  • Lump sum contracts based around client timescale
  • Flexible location – remote or as part of client team
  • Full survey/inspection/design/supply/commison/service/maintenance/retrofit offered by dedicated Blaze teams working together
  • Experienced loss prevention designers and engineers working to project and international standards
  • Ability to provide for the smallest design requirement to full system review
  • Flexibility to accommodate changing client requirements
  • Web based Client Visibility Reporting System (CVRS) ensures access to all relevant documentation

Blaze design & consultancy solutions

We are familiar with all national and international design standards and will develop a solution based on these as well as client specific project requirements. Our designers and engineers will apply these to the following scopes:

  • Steady state hydraulic analysis
  • Transient state hydraulic analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Reliability and availability studies
  • Consequence analysis
  • Fire risk analysis
  • 3d design modelling
  • Water demand requirements
  • Area safety charts
  • Fire protection systems and equipment specification and selection

We will design deluge systems incorporating the most appropriate nozzle for the risk. We can determine performance standards which will mitigate the risk/ hazard. Each deluge nozzle performance will be individually mapped to demonstrate compliance of the system to international standards.

We are specialists in steady state and transient state hydraulic analysis which will determine the operating flows, pressures and forces that the disruption network will be subject to allowing optimisation of pipe support systems.

We are unique in that we have the turnkey expertise to follow through concept and FEED studies into detailed engineering, supply, commissioning and service. We are the only fire protection company able to offer this life of field service.

Design and consultancy in the field

Our designers and engineers are not confined to the office. If necessary, they can visit the site to verify all aspects of the existing system designs which are not available from client records – including offshore installations as they are all certified for offshore work. This means that the system designs provided by Blaze are highly accurate and mirror actual system performance.

Client visibility reporting systems

The CVRS means that our service and maintenance teams have access to all project records and deliverables including certification, verification, testing and commissioning maintenance management and associated procedures. The client also has access to these documents via this web based system.

Using this system can optimise life costs with the ability to carry out full corrective action tracking, ensuring installations are maintained to the highest standard.

The system allows for improvements to ensure optimum performance will be achieved. If necessary, our designers can provide proposals for discussion with the client. By maintaining and improving the system, out designers and service technicians can reduce annual man-hours spent on maintenance by between 30 and 60%, with no adverse impact on safety or system availability.

Blaze design and build capability

We design all out own fire protection systems, including Flameshield 300 replacement deluge piping systems, deluge skids, foam systems, watermist systems, gaseous extinguishing systems and general firefighting equipment. Out designers know and work to client’s priorities, which will often mean the space is constrained and minimal weight limits exist. We will suggest optimum materials as well as providing the most cost efficient layout whilst taking these requirements into account.