Deluge Systems

Offshore and onshore cost-effective turnkey deluge system capabilities

Our scope includes provision of deluge valve assemblies, deluge skids, Flameshield 300 deluge distribution piping systems and nozzles encompassing the following disciplines:

  • Design – utilising Plpenet and 3D modelling
  • Specification – advising client on appropriate materials, equipment and layouts in accordance with project and international standards
  • Build – skid build and testing in our purpose built workshops
  • Commissioning – utilising our onshore and offshore specialist safely technicians
  • Service- client peace of mind that we deliver and stand by our systems

We can engineer our deluge systems for every type of risk

Our engineers are able to specify key requirements within the deluge systems to cope with every type of risk situation, which exists onshore and offshore within projects and international standards. This will include such critical aspects as deluge valve type, nozzle type, deluge skid configuration, piping specifications, material specifications, detection, alarm and actuation requirements.

This attention to detail ensures that our clients receive the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective deluge systems designed to stand the test of time with minimal servicing.

Why choose blaze

  • Experienced in new build deluge systems
  • Experienced in service and maintenance of existing deluge systems
  • Ability to offer smallest service component to full deluge systems
  • All deluge skids built in-house in Blaze dedicated workshops with full test facilities
  • Design and engineering of deluge systems remotely or in our clients premises if necessary
  • Qualified and dedicated site safety team offering maintenance for all offshore and onshore installations
  • Onsite fire systems training available


Blaze at The Forefront of Deluge Skid and System Design and Supply

We will guide our clients to ensure the optimum system is provided for their needs

Deluge Skid

We are able to offer custom built designed and fabricated skids or cost effective containerised solutions depending upon the application and specification.

Piping and Valves

Deluge valves can be provided with bypass arrangement, isolation valves, strainers, drain and test lines. Inlet and outlet termination points will be designed to client requirements.

Deluge Valves

We can offer pressure controlling or non-pressure controlling valves including elastomer sleeve, diaphragm and butterfly wafer. We will source from international manufactures who are all quality accessed in accordance with ISO9001.

Deluge Systems Piping

We can design, supply and install deluge upstream and downstream of the deluge valve skid. We are also able to design and supply the system firemain if necessary.

Flameshield 300 Flexible Deluge Piping System

Flameshield 300 is the cost effective answer to corroded and blocked deluge distribution systems. Flameshield is installed swiftly, does not corrode and servicing and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum which means negligible through life costs to the operator.

Deluge Nozzle Mapping

We can determine performance standards which will mitigate the risk/hazard. We will select deluge nozzles considering medium velocity and high velocity applications. Each deluge nozzle performance will be individually mapped to demonstrate compliance of the system to international standards.

Blaze Offers Design and Consultancy

We are specialists in steady state and transient state hydraulic analysis which will determine the operating flows, pressures and forces of the distribution network. We can conduct site visits to verify all aspects of existing system designs which are not available from the client records – including offshore installations. This means that the system designs produced by us are highly accurate and mirror actual system performance.

Blaze Deluge Systems Service & Maintenance

We have a world class offshore and onshore team of technicians providing service and maintenance of deluge systems. The technicians are supported by our loss prevention engineers and designers, ensuring that the complete system is maintained at its peak condition. We utilise the latest service technologies including all aspects of dry testing, which will benefit the client as the process plant will not be subject to regular seawater dosing.