Where high risk safety critical functionality is required, we have a Flameshield 300 flexible deluge pipework solution that will deliver firewater in the harshest of operating environments.

Our detailed analysis of your risk will enable us to design the ultimate pipework configuration for your deluge firewater system, meeting international design codes and standards. This attention to detail ensures that our clients receive the most reliable and economical Flameshield 300 pipework solution designed to stand the test of time with a 20-year design life, with no corrosion problems and minimal servicing requirements.

Why choose Blaze

  • Experienced in the provision of Flameshield 300 systems for Greenfield and Brownfield applications
  • Service and maintenance of all aspects of firewater distribution system and equipment
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing client requirements
  • Ability to offer smallest service component to full Flameshield 300 system
  • Design and engineering of Flameshield 300 systems remotely or in client premises
  • Qualified and dedicated site safety team offering installation, commissioning and maintenance for offshore and onshore installations
  • Onsite fire system training available

Providing the system to meet the risk

Advantages of Flameshield 300 flexible deluge piping systems

The inevitable scale build-up and corrosion inside safety critical traditional metal pipework systems within hostile atmospheres can pose a serious threat to system functionality. This, combined with the vulnerability of traditional materials in explosion overpressures/projectile impact situations, could potentially expose personnel working in offshore and on shore environments to an acceptable risk.

Blockages can result in expensive plant shutdown until the problem has been identified and cleared. Traditional methods to eradicate the problem such as chemical de-scaling can be both time consuming and can significantly increase operator maintenance costs.

Flameshield 300 is an alternative, permanent piping systems internally constructed from nitrile rubber reinforced with steel braided layers and anti-static copper wire. It has a glass fibre internal membrane providing jet fire protection and an outer cover of red CR rubber which is abrasion, ozone, weather, heat and oil resistant.

Flameshield 300 is fully Type Approved by DNV for use on mobile and fixed offshore installations. This facilitates reduced wet testing costs and eliminates operational problems associated with dosing the plant with seawater.

Benefits of Flameshield 300 over traditional piping materials and methods

Flameshield 300 offers system designers the opportunity to increase firewater velocities which result in reduced pipe costs compared against traditional materials. Installation costs are also reduced over rigid piping methods as no welding, metal cutting, hot works or NDT procedures are required. Due to our installations team using rope and harness methods for the installation of pipework rather than traditional scaffolding the installation, lead times and costs on our projects are significantly reduced.

Flameshield 300 Key features

  • Flameshield 300 systems including jointing technology fully DNV Type Approved
  • Additionally jet fire tested to 1 hour to 350kW/m2 in accordance with BS EN 22899
  • Subjected to explosion overpressures 5-35psi
  • Flameshield 300 is specifically designed for use on both Wet and Dry “Fire Water Mains Systems” on offshore and onshore installations, where the demands for performance, security and guaranteed “lifetime” of the product are absolutely necessary
  • Compact and proven design ensures long working life in all harsh environments
  • Uniform construction, no requirement for exterior steel protection