Foam Fire Suppression

Our scope including provision of foam deluge systems, foams monitors packages, rapid reaction modular foam systems for floating roof tanks, DIFFS systems, CAFS and high expansion foam systems, including hot foam encompassing the following disciplines:

  • Design- utilising Pipenet and 3D modelling
  • Specification – advising client on appropriate material, equipment and layouts in accordance with project and international standards
  • Build – Skid build and testing in our purpose built workshops
  • Commissioning – utilising out onshore and offshore specialist safety technicians
  • Service – Client peace of mind that we deliver and stand by our systems

Helideck Safety Solutions

We are a leading provider of Helideck fire safety protection, detection and loss prevention solutions. Working in harsh and challenging environments including offshore production platforms, drill rigs, floating production units, onshore
oil fields, terminals, refineries and petrochemical plants.

Our scope includes provision of all systems recommended by CAP 437 and or CAP 789 encompassing the
following disciplines:
• Design- utilising Pipenet and 3-D Modelling
• Specification- advising client on appropriate materials, equipment and layouts in accordance with project and
international standards
• Build- Skid build and testing in our purpose built workshops
• Installation- utilising our innovative FLEX-FLO™ piping system
• Commissioning- utilising our onshore and offshore specialist safety technicians
• Service- client peace of mind that Blaze delivers and stands by their systems

Why chose Blaze

  • Experienced in new build foam systems
  • Experienced in service and maintenance of existing foam systems
  • Ability to offer smallest service component to full foam system
  • All foam skids build in-house in Blaze dedicated workshops with full test facilities
  • Design and engineering of fam systems remotely or in client’s premises
  • Qualified and dedicated site safety team offering commissioning and maintenance for offshore and onshore installations
  • Onsite foam system training available

We can engineer our foam systems for every type of risk

Our engineers are able to specify key requirements within the foam system to cope with every type of risk situation which exists onshore and offshore, within project and international standards. This will include such critical aspects as induction/proportioning requirements, pump requirements, foam tank requirements, proportioner type, nozzle type, foam skid configuration, foam concentrate type, piping specifications, material specifications, detection, alarm and actuation requirements.

This attention to detail ensures that our clients receive the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective foam system, designed to stand the test of time with minimal servicing.

Blaze knows Induction and Proportioning

We will specify the most appropriate induction/proportioning methods for the introducing a predetermined amount of foam into the system. The correct technique is important as it will affect system pressures and flows.

Typical methods include:

  • In line induction
  • Balanced Pressure Proportioning via bladder tank
  • Balanced Pressure Proportioning via electric/diesel/peltonsheel pumps
  • Turbine Proportioners
  • Monitor Nozzle direct induction

Blaze will advise the optimum foam system you require

We will guide our client to ensure the optimum system is provided for their needs. This will include the following:

  • Low/Medium Expansion Foam Deluge Systems for process areas, tanker loading bays and storage tanks/bunds
  • Monitor or Wide Angle Nozzle and Foam Tank packages for bund, tank and helideck protection
  • Deck Integrated Fire Fighting Systems (DIFFS) for helideck protection
  • Rapid Reaction Modular Foam skids for floating roof tank rimseal protection
  • High Expansion Foam Systems for LNG protection
  • Hot Foam Systems for engine room protection
  • Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) for transformer and helideck protection

Blaze can recommend the correct foam concentrate for your risk

Our detailed risk assessment will provide our clients with the most appropriate concentrate to protect the risk involved. Foam types include Protein Foam, Fluoroprotein Foam, Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam (FFFP), Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), Alcohol Resistant Foam, Synthetic Foam.

Testing, Service & Maintenance

We have a world class offshore and onshore team of technicians providing testing, service and maintenance of foam systems. Testing capabilities utilise refractive index procedures and foam water sampling.

Blaze will provide all application equipment

We will incorporate internationally sourced application equipment into systems in line with client specification and requirement. Application equipment will include:

  • Foam deluge and sprinkler nozzles
  • Foam pourers for tank protection
  • Back pressure generators for tank protection
  • Hi expansion generators for high expansion and hot foam systems
  • Wide angle foam nozzles
  • Foam hose branchpipes
  • Foam monitor nozzles
  • Deck Integrated Fire Fighting Nozzles