All Oil & Gas Installations have a comprehensive range of Safety Critical Systems, including, but not limited to Fire & Gas Detection, Emergency Shutdown Systems and Fire Fighting Systems, all of which are designed to protect the Asset and the people living and working on board.

Our engineers are competent and experienced in building Planned Maintenance Programmes which are client and asset specific. Starting with Equipment Listings, GA’s and Safety Case requirements, Blaze compile Equipment Schedules and develop Planned Maintenance Routines relating to each specific type of Plant or Equipment. By applying Maintenance / Inspection frequencies together with hourly allocations we can determine a complete Planned Maintenance Schedule, which ensures the effective operation of all asset safety critical systems.

Client Visibility Reporting System

In addition to our experience in producing Planned Maintenance Programmes we are also able to offer Our Client Visibility Reporting System (CVRS). This is a bespoke, intelligent and user friendly web based Safety Management tool. It enables proactive safety management to be realised on larger sites or across multi-site portfolios and allows clients to view real time safety information and react constructively.

Although developed for use in the Oil & Gas industry, CVRS is not restricted to this sector, it can be utilised on any large site or installation where there is a need for logging and archiving data and for planned maintenance of individual items of equipment.

CVRS is unique in that it utilises existing Drawings from a specified client site and adds Interactive functionality to these drawings. In addition to providing users with an electronic library, this allows users to identify and highlight High Risk areas or equipment through the use of intelligent safety inspections and accident/incident reporting.

CVRS utilises existing equipment tag numbers and allocates unique Quick Response codes to each tagged item. These codes can then be scanned whilst out in the field to provide all relevant data that has been setup for the particular piece of equipment. This can be Drawings, P&ID’s, Instruction Manuals or previous Maintenance Data.

In the case of defective equipment or equipment requiring corrective actions, scanning the QR code can generate automatic e-mails to suppliers or service providers to indicate service, repair or replacement is needed.

When completing a planned maintenance routine, user input data is interpreted and the equipment performance is instantly summarised. This automatic trend analysis allows management resources to be used more effectively as it enables the user to monitor and report on ‘real time’ equipment reliability issues and equipment failures at a glance or, for formal reporting, by the click of a button. Our system gives you complete visibility and control of day to day safety management.

Benefits provided by CVRS:-

  • Remote desktop visibility of all sites from any PC with a Web Browser.
  • Tailored to suit individual
  • Simple & User
  • Generates instant ‘real time’ reports alleviating the need for lengthy administration processes & saving
  • Compiles & tracks all safety data allowing continual monitoring/reporting of Safety
  • Bespoke reporting work flow allowing effective communication of safety issues