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Blaze exclusive UK distributor for Marsol Technologies

Blaze exclusive UK distributor for Marsol Technologies

Blaze Manufacturing Solutions has announced a partnership with Marsol Technologies, as the company’s exclusive UK distributor and service centre.

Blaze will be the UK supplier of the K3GS series nozzles, designed to be used on Deck Integrated Fire Fighting Systems (DIFFS).

When installed on the helipad / helideck, the nozzles provide an effective spray distribution covering the whole deck surface for a range of weather conditions.

The K3GS series nozzles are manufactured with orifices drilled for horizontal and vertical flow components. The nozzles do not ‘pop-up’ on the deck and instead, discharge foam from their fixed position. The precise number and layout of nozzles is dependent on the specific helipad / helideck type, the ‘D’ value of the deck, the flow rate of the nozzle and its coverage. There will be sufficient overlap of the horizontal flow components when all the nozzles are discharging during the system operation.

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