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Gas and Foam Suppression Systems

Gas and Foam Suppression Systems

INERGENTM Fire Suppression Systems

INERGEN is an inert fire suppression agent that has remained the longest serving Halon replacement on the market to date. INERGEN’s unique blend of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide ensures that fires are rapidly extinguished whilst the CO2 contained within INERGEN decreases cardiac stress and maintains arterial blood oxygenation. As a result, INERGEN provides a safe environment for any person trapped within the incident area.

Key features of INERGEN include:

  • Can be remotely located up to 100 metres from the fire risk
  • Cylinders central banking can be used to protect multiple risk areas and reduce space
  • Dedicated extract ducting is not required
  • INERGEN gas is extremely economic – refill costs are low
  • Has been fully tested on humans and medically approved

NovecTM 1230 – Fire Suppression

Novec 1230 is the latest generation of chemical based gaseous suppression systems to bring significant improvement to human safety and environmental responsibility. Novec 1230 has zero ozone depleting potential of one combined with an atmospheric lifetime of less than five days. It needs minimum storage space and vaporises on discharge to provide swift flame knock down. Because Novec 1230 is classed as a clean agent and can be easily transported, it is ideally suited for the protection of a variety of offshore and onshore business critical areas.

FM200® Systems

FM200 is one of the longest serving chemical based fire suppression agents on the market. It is permissible for use within normally occupied areas and is suitable for such applications as computer rooms, control rooms and switchgear rooms. It has a small cylinder footprint and requires minimal space for cylinder storage whilst providing cost effective protection in accordance with present international standards.

Carbon Dioxide Systems

CO2 is the original versatile clean agent that has been traditionally specified for use in unmanned areas to suppress class A, B and C fires involving flammable liquids and the majority of solid combustible materials. We can provide a wide range of high or low-pressure CO2 systems designed for both local and total flooding applications, from turbine protection to high value electrical equipment protection. Its worldwide availability also ensures that cylinder gas refills remain relatively low-cost and therefore highly economic to maintain.

Argonite® Systems

Agonite is an internationally approved blend of inert suppression gases. It has significant advantages over chemical systems with regards to environmental issues. It is save to use where people are present and can be used with automatic detection and actuation systems.

Gaseous suppression systems for every type of risk

Our engineers can specify key requirements within the gaseous suppression system to cope with every type of risk situation which exists onshore and offshore, within project and international standards. This will include such critical aspects as selection of gas type, cylinder/manifold configuration within skid, central banking or dedicated systems, main shot only or main and reserve, piping specification, material specifications, integrity testing, detection, alarm and actuation requirements.

This attention to detail ensures that our clients receive the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective gaseous suppression system, designed to stand the test of time with minimal servicing.

Our scope includes the provision of foam deluge systems, foam monitor packages, rapid reaction modular foam systems for floating roof tanks, DIFFS systems, CAFS and high expansion foam systems including hot foam.