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Helideck Safety Solutions

Helideck Safety Solutions

We are a leading provider of helideck fire safety protection, detection and loss prevention solutions for offshore production platforms, drill rigs, floating production units, onshore oil fields, terminals, refineries, petrochemical plants and NHS helipads.

Our engineers who have a wealth of experience on over 70% of the UKCS assets having established an enviable reputation within the energy industry for the provision of helideck fire protection and detection. The key to our success has been the ability to exceed our clients’ expectations and surpass industry standards. We review clients’ requirements and offer solutions based on effective and efficient design, using internationally approved equipment, combined with world-class installation and service.

Advising on the optimum helideck extinguishing system

We will assess the installation water availability in the first instance. If firemains are installed the system can be controlled by deluge valves. If no firemain, water provision will normally be via a pressure tank and actuated via high pressure gas cylinders. We will assess client requirements and can provide report and recommendations if necessary for client discussion.

We will then guide the client to ensure the optimum helideck system is provided for their needs in accordance with CAP 437 and/or CAP 789.

Wee can provide fully costed options in line with agreed recommendations for client consideration.

Induction and Proportioning

Our helideck systems can have premix foam or separate foam proportioning. Separate foam storage means that the option of no foam being discharged during testing is available to the client. In addition, foam concentrate degradation is much longer than in pre-mix solution, meaning maintenance cost saving for the client.

Helideck Systems

Typical systems include:

  • Conventional Foam Monitor Systems (FMS)

Foam monitors provide traditional protection and can be either manually operated or oscillating for remote actuation. Remote controlled monitors can also be provided

  • Ring Main Systems (RMS)

Nozzles are positioned around the helideck. We can use our Flex-Flo flexible piping solution as part of this system which is installed quickly at minimal cost

  • Deck Integrated Fire Fighting Systems (DIFFS)

We can provide DIFFS systems using nozzle manufacturers from around Europe

  • Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)
  • Detection Systems

These protection systems can be manually or automatically operated. We can engineer full detection and actuation packages using industry leading manufacturers in the provision of:

  • Helideck flame detectors
  • Traditional extinguishing and actuation panels
  • PLC Panels for multiple detection and monitoring requirements
  • Video facilities
  • Helideck Lighting

We can include helideck lighting in the fire protection and detection package scope if required.

As well as providing the design and supply of the system, we are also able to provide the full turnkey helideck installation package including:

  • Water storage for retrofit systems where no fire main exists
  • Deluge skids for installations with fire mains
  • Piping materials including the innovative Flex-Flo replacement piping solution

Testing, Service and Maintenance

Blaze has an expert team of technicians providing testing, service and maintenance of helideck systems. Testing capabilities use refractive index procedures and foam water sampling.